December 9, 2009


Writing is the supreme solace.
W.Somerset Maugham

This idea had been percolating for several months. Actually longer than that, but I'm pretty good at putting things off. Off to the point that when this idea of mine would bob to the surface (again and again), I could usually find some way to artfully dodge its existence. But, as adept as I've become at the GREAT PROCRASTINATION, it was not a very comfortable place to reside. See, there were always these persistent questions, and, more importantly, nudges from within and from others, that I was not allowing myself to bring in to the light.
In the beginning it was like keeping a secret; I have this ability and yet I'm going to keep it to myself and that's fine with me and everyone who doesn't like it, well, you just all really don't understand...
... or something like that. More to the point, it was I who didn't understand. But, and I say this humbly, I have had, of late, another in an endlessly, blessedly long line of epiphanies (such a great word).
And so, in light of this most recent awakening, yesterday I sat down, composed an e-mail, and sent it off to 2 gentlemen who are outdoor writers in the employ of our beloved local paper. This e-mail concerned TDR, or for those of you just off the bus, the Spokane River. I didn't really even have an agenda(outwardly), in writing to them, other than to kind of 'touch base' with them in regard to an idea I'd been tossing around having to do with my years of flyfishing experiences (solitary) on said river; how one 'touches base' with a couple of guys who haven't heard from or spoken with me in years may be a stretch, here, but that's what I'll call it.
So I wrapped it up, sent it off, shut down Mr. Mac and got busy doing whatever it is I do next. Tie some flies. Next day, I check my Inbox and I've got mail. And there's a response from each of them. And they both loved the idea. And I've been referred by Mr Liere to Steve Probasco, the editor of N'west Flyfishing Magazine to do an article. Rich Landers, the outdoor editor of our beloved Spokesman-Review and I are going to have a meeting in January to discuss The 4 Seasons On The Spokane River, an article he wants me to put together.
And so here I go. I feel like a little kid. Giddy. Excited to get the hell going. It's like the years of invisibility (due to my insecurities) were really gifts, because during all those years I was still busy, honing the skills that evidently impressed these two gentlemen enough for them to respond the way they did.
Hold on... my bus is here. I'll keep you posted.

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