September 9, 2009

Flyfishing Park

Aaron and I drove south downstream from Fernie about 25 kilometers (this is Canada, remember), to fish this section he had so aptly named. And, it truly is just that; such diversity in flows and water speed! So many long runs (buffet lines), and, on the highway side, where they're hidden from all but those who really want to investigate, are some beautiful undercuts! We stood there for a good half hour into the gathering darkness watching noses poke the surface in so many different areas that if we hadn't done so well earlier that day up on Michel Creek, I'm sure we would've said the hell with darkness (it was after 9 by then), let's slide down this hill and go for it!
But, cooler, more tired minds (and empty bellies) prevailed. Besides, at this point we were dangerously low on our Adams supply. I had some late-night tying to do when we got back to camp, which was way the hell upstream near Sparwood.
A note here, about the parachute Adams.
Both Aaron and I had taken notes earlier on the trip when we stopped at one of the fly shops in Fernie for some tippet material. As is the case with so many shops that are literally right on the banks of blue-ribboned trout streams, a chalkboard next to the front door is always replete with current hatches, the corresponding flies (and time of day, too) with which to entice a beautiful cutty or two or three.
I was struck by the sheer numbers of options as far as flies were concerned. That old insecurity rumbled in my stomach. God, I thought, I don't have even half of those. All I'd really been concerned about prior to our trip was making sure I'd tied up enough Adams' and brought enough stuff to tie up more should we require them. And now, as I 'casually' perused the chalkboard, a small lump began to form in my gut, but
I, as usual, should've known better, and that would be made crystal clear the next day.
After all, this is cutthroat country. No, I'll go that one better; The Elk epitomizes all that is good and right, and true about cutthroat country! Cutthroat country is, and always will be, Adams country!

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  1. We donated our share of Adams to the Adams country, those three days, as well. But as ideal a place for such a donation there will never be!