March 15, 2010

90 Days

Genius is eternal patience.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spring is, as 'they 'say, in the air. Soon, the river will swell with the liquified snows shed from the mountains to the east, although to call it a 'swell' is an understatement. The river channel will be scrubbed clean by the sheer power of the annual deluge. In my eyes, it will basically, as is the case with each melt, become a new river. And so, after the river has regained its composure, I will begin once again to unravel the mystery of its trout. Each year, dependent upon the severity of the flow, it's necessary to re-evaluate what were once favorite places, and in the process find others that have been created.
But, for the next ninety days, the river is closed. It is, for the rainbow of the river, time to spawn. I am a bit dumbfounded when I think about the activity, taking place during this period just before and into "the Torrent'. It reminds me again of just how adaptable the trout of this river are. To exist through the maelstrom of such a hydraulic storm as is wrought upon the river while procreating seem to me to be incredible examples of survivability, strength, and determination. And, although the fish are simply doing what Mom Nature set them up to do in this time frame, I am grateful, appreciative, and blessed all at the same time for their perseverance!
There are the regular studies conducted by our Fish and Game Department dealing with the spawn here in the lower river. And, while numbers are probably disparaging to the authorities, I have a pretty good suspicion, founded upon experience, that there are more progeny being produced and surviving than are being reported.
So, for the next few weeks, the spring creeks of the basin and the plateau will be my destinations. Time to get re-acquainted with the folks out west of town who have trout-filled water flowing through their acreages.
There are some big fish out there. I intend to fool some into eating my flies.

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