November 11, 2009

Anomalies revisited

Another example of BIGGER IS BETTER...
But don't get me wrong. I really enjoy the science of catching fish. Matching perfectly the time of day, color, shape, size, and movements of a trout's natural food sources is an ability(an acquired ability) that I, and all the really serious flyfishermen seek to imitate. Authenticity can many times be the key to a successful day.
It can also be the most frustrating.
That's the main reason for these flies. They have no base in anything even remotely connected to the real world these fish live in. They have almost none of the characteristics of any of the inhabitants of this slow moving stream, and yet, they really do.
How contradictory of me, thank you very much.
This particular fly, another of my at-the-vise-conceptualizations, is a copy of the fly I used Saturday (Nov. 7) at the creek. It held up well, but after releasing the 4th fish of the hour and examining my fly, it was necessary to 'donate' my now very damaged oddity to the waters for posterity. It's what I do with them all when they reach the point of 'no return'.
That's okay. I've got a million more in my head just waiting their turn to be brought to 'life'.

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