October 12, 2009


I allow my intuition to lead my path.

Manuel Puig

It's not always what is obvious that draws me. More often than not, the obvious is food for deeper thought. The obvious is superficial, demanding closer inspection. The obvious is a key, but contains only the invitation, the necessity, to pursue further. From the obvious come only first impressions; any application of method at this point sanctions only slim possibilities of success, leaving wide open the door to guesswork and subjection, which is usually a descendant of prior experience which may, or, more likely, may not lead one to plausible conclusions, and therefore a systemic plan of address.
More importantly, it severely constricts the avenues of intuitiveness, simply because that intuitive ability is brought to disadvantage by the lack of knowledge. Experience is a good teacher, unless those experiences have done little to educate, or cause introspection. Intuition is then a tool of the clairvoyant, and I have known few, if any, in my life.
Both of them were flyfishermen.

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